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Asset Protection

At Tangible Accounting, PLLC, we believe that when you help clients understand how all of their assets are at risk of loss from various sources and when you show them how to protect those assets so they can’t be taken, you change the dynamic of your relationship with clients.

It doesn’t matter if the client is worth $250,000 or $200 million. People with assets value it more than anything but family. The advisor who steps in to show them how at risk their assets are and how they can help the client protect those assets instantly becomes their “trusted” advisor. In the industry, insurance agents and financial planners have envy when it comes to the relationships accountants' have with their clients.

Tangible Discussions we offer:

  • Planning aspects,

  • Accounting and legal theories,

  • Protecting assets: houses, rental properties, bank accounts and retirement plans,

  • Planning before and after lawsuits,

  • Using business entities, including domestic and foreign corporations, LLCs and limited partnerships,

  • Planning for married couples and community property,

  • Picking correct entities and jurisdictions, including a discussion of series LLCs; and

  • Domestic and foreign asset protection trusts.