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Purpose and Principles


Our Firm Philosophy is to provide public accounting and professional services with the pursuit of excellence in integrity, transparency and objectivity.


Our Firm's mission is to:

  • Deliver timely and useful products.

  • Provide quality, efficient and innovative valued-added services.

  • Identify problems and bring about solutions.

  • Be responsive to all our client's needs.

  • To encourage meaningful participation in community service for the good of our neighbors and for the good of our Firm.

Principles and Core Values

Principles and Core Values at Tangible Accounting is dedication to:

  • Responsiveness will be provided by giving straight talk, communication and timeliness on accounting and all other related issues.

  • Our professionals abide by the ethical rules universally appropriate for accountants' and lawyers', particularly the AICPA and the International Code of Ethics.

  • Quality will be provided by advancing client interests vigorously within the limits of the accounting, auditing and law practice while never compromising the client's reputation or the firm's integrity.

  • Commitment to the success of our clients.

  • Visibility: Our team become more visible to clients and potential clients by authoring articles for various publications, thereby increasing presence and helping further the Firm's reputation.

  • Competence is provided by the appropriate level of knowledge, skill, thoroughness and preparation necessary for the subject matter for which our professionals are engaged.

  • Relationships require trust, common sense, communication and understanding.