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Advanced Tax Planning

Avoidance of tax is legal. Individuals and business owners often have more than one way to complete a taxable transaction. Tax planning evaluates various tax options to determine how to conduct business and personal transactions in order to reduce or eliminate your tax liability.

Tax avoidance requires advance planning. Nearly all tax strategies use one (or more) of these strategies to structure transactions to obtain the lowest possible marginal tax rate:

  • minimizing taxable income,

  • maximizing tax deductions and tax credits; and

  • controlling the timing of income and deductions.

For this process, we breakdown the engagement into 4 components:

  1. Planning,

  2. Implementation,

  3. Compliance; and

  4. Ongoing.

Tangible Accounting, PLLC can help you save and chart your most effective financial course by utilizing some of the following tax-advantaged and wealth management strategies for individuals and businesses:


  • Tax-Free Retirement Plans. Both Roth IRAs and some insurance plans can limit your taxable retirement income.

  • Individual Retirement Plans. Savings vehicles that enable you to deduct against your tax burden or defer the paying of taxes until years in the future. These include IRAs, 401-Ks, HSA,s and others.

  • Permanent Life Insurance. Tax-deferred buildup of cash value. 

  • Annuities. Annuities are a type of tax-free insurance product that can provide an immediate tax deduction and an income stream for the rest of your life once you retire.

  • Capital Gains. Delay and/or reallocate gains while harvesting of losses to offset your gains.


  • Legal Structure. Legal entity optimization across sole proprietorship, LP, LLC, S Corporation and C Corporations.

  • Financial Modeling. With financial modeling we can test ideas, strategies and measure performance to mitigate unseen errors and see if they are in our your best interest prior to making those financial decisions.

  • Business Retirement Plans. Savings vehicles that enable you to deduct against your tax burden or defer the paying of taxes until years in the future. These include Defined Benefit Plans, 401-Ks, and others.

  • Life Insurance. Life insurance in the form of Group, Key Employee and others.

  • Captive Insurance. With a captive insurance company, increase tax deductions, shareholder favorable tax rates and others.

Planning to minimize taxes and maximize profits is legal and desirable. Management of your liquid assets (stocks, bonds, etc.), life insurance and fixed assets is necessary to maximize your family and business wealth. Tangible Accounting, PLLC tax planning services will help you manage your current assets, plan for retirement and compliment your estate plan with minimal or no tax liabilities.

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